Sunday, July 10, 2011

Notification of Medical ,Conveyance and Misc. Allowances 2011-12

Notification No. F.1(5) Imp /2011/419 Page 3 is regarding Allowances of   Govt Employees BPS 1 to15.
Conveyance Allowance shall be admissible to all the civil servants in BPS-1 to 15 on revised rates as under:

BPS 1-4     Rs. 680.00 p.m.     Rs. 850.00 p.m.
BPS 5-10     Rs. 920.00 p.m.     Rs. 1150.00 p.m.
BPS 11-15     Rs. 1360.00 p.m.     Rs. 1700.00 p.m.

ii. All the Civil Servants of the Federal Government (excluding those who are allowed monetized value of Transport or availing Transport Facility) shall be allowed Conveyance Allowance at the prescribed rates irrespective of their place/station of duty.

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