Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jobs for 15 Years Olds

What kind of jobs for 15 years teenagers and where to apply one? This hub is written for 15 year old teenagers who are looking for a job especially during the summer. If you are teenagers and have been working in some places when you were 15 year old, please cast your vote so that you can help other teenagers who are  looking for a job.
Kinds of jobs for 15 year  teenagers

Even though it is almost the same with the kinds of jobs for 14 year old teenagers can get, there are some places which hire above 14 year old. Before that, let us brainstorm for a while some general jobs for 15 year olds which can get. 15 year old teenagers are allowed to work as babysitter, lawn mower, usher, guest service, junior camp leader, referee, grocery beggar, paper router, and pet sitter.

While a 15 year old teenagers are not allowed to work in a factory, they can take jobs which a 14 year old cannot do such as lawn mower. However, please be mindful that each state has different labor law and you still need to refer to your state law. This hub is only showing you a general overview about jobs for 15 year old.
Jobs for 15 year olds survey
Only if you are 15 year olds or above, what kind of jobs have you been working as?

    Paper Router
    Camp Leader
    Golf Caddy
    Usher or Guest Service
    Product Promoter
    Lawn Mower
    Car Washer

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